Worried About Debt?

August 15, 2008 at 4:50 am Leave a comment

Don't Exclaim, Exhale.

Don't Exclaim, Exhale.

“Worrying about debts is non-productive. You may prefer not to be in debt, but you are not going to get out of debt unless you focus your mind on creative ideas and work instead of worry.” –Creating Money

Contemplate on this. “Worrying about debt is non-productive.” Worrying about debt is not what gets you out of debt. If anything, worrying about debt hinders financial progress.

Worry in general is counterproductive. Debt is a scary thing but scary things can be faced triumphantly and bravely. Here are a few tips that I have developed for dealing with worry:

1.    If you’re worried about money, every time worry appears, think of a solution to that issue. There’s always a solution; worry often prevents one from being able to visualize the solution.
2.    Stay calm. Do something to help you relax. I love the water and find myself around it a lot these days. What is it that relaxes you? Being worried and stressed is not productive or helpful.
3.    Visualize the outcome of all your efforts to resolve your issue on a regular basis. This blog has been the inspiration of a lot of visualization for me. I look forward to its expansion and growth. What fruits of labor do you have to look forward to?
4.    Write out a plan. Knowing that there is a concrete, written solution helps ensure the truth that all is well.

Things come and happen more easily when you’re not bothered by worry. Don’t allow worry to consume you and make you lose focus. You are the best. You deserve the best. You can have the best.

Until Next Time,
Kimmy B.

P.S. Write down all the reasons you worry and then write down why those reasons are not serving you. Comment below on how you diminish you worry, it may help others. Bookmark this blog post and use it as a reference.


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