5 Tried & True Steps for Getting Ahead if You are Behind on Your Bills.

August 31, 2008 at 2:58 am Leave a comment

When Getting Current, Cash is King.

When Getting Current, Cash is King.

1.    Know that your world will not crumble if you are behind. I cannot stress this enough, when people get behind on their bills they get scared. It feels as if the world is going to crumble if one more past due notice arrives in the mail box. Do not be scared. Walk out of your fear and into action. Do not be afraid of bill collectors or financial department representatives. They are just people and you never know what someone else is going through on the other end of the telephone line.

2.    If you can’t pay it all, pay what you can. The key to this tip is to be consistent. As soon as you can pay a little on a bill or pay a bill in its entirety do it. Even if it’s small amounts over a period of time, that is better than nothing. Sometimes companies are even willing to work with you if you are willing to work with them. Be consistent because it all adds up and sooner or later the bill will be paid in its entirety.

3.    Let go of credit accounts and amenities. Do not keep digging yourself deeper in the hole. If you are in debt because of credit accounts, close them. Even if you don’t use them, there still may be fees associated with the account that continue to increase the balance. Trim the fat in your budget by letting go of amenities like movie rental subscriptions and other such services. They are not necessities and until you are current on all your other bills they should not be a priority. Remember it’s not forever, it’s just for now.

4.    Use cash. This tip has really helped me. Using cash helps you become more conscious about spending. I began using cash to pay as many of my bills as possible. In this day in age it is more convenient to use online bill pay and other services but for me, going into the bank and paying down my credit cards or going into the wireless store to pay my phone bill helped me become a better monitor of my finances. I highly suggest this method at least for a little while until you are current.

5.    Write it out. As soon as I get my check, I make a list of everything that needs to be paid for with that check and how much I’m spending. Know where every cent is going. This will also help you determine how you are spending your money so that you can spend more wisely in the future.

It is my purpose on this planet to help you live prosperously. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask by commenting below or sending an email to prosperityblogger@gmail.com

Until Next Time,
Kimmy B.

P.S. Remember, it may take time to become current again but you will see results and you are not alone! If you have no clue about how to budget I suggest The Total Money Makeover.


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