Goal Fulfillment 101: Accepting Failure & Overcoming Obstacles

September 30, 2008 at 12:36 am Leave a comment

Obstacles are Meant to be Overcome!

Goal Fulfillment 101 Series: Obstacles are Meant to be Overcome!

Okay, you’re knee deep in goal fulfillment and you have a set back or a failure. What do you do? You take a moment and then you move on. When this happens it may seem like it’s impossible to move on but you can. If fulfilling your goal is something you truly desire, then nothing should stop you. Here are some suggestions on overcoming failures or setbacks as you go through your goal fulfillment process:

1.)    If you are working with a team and the setback happens to be a mistake that was made, admit it (this applies to those who are working by themselves also). Admit it and figure out how to fix it. You may wish to identify the error and figure out ways to correct it. Make sure your team is involved in the process as well.

2.)    Take a break to gain clarity about what to do next. Sometimes when we’re working on a goal we get too close to it and it’s hard to see the reality. Stepping back from the goal for a day or two may lead to new ideas and discoveries.

3.)    Do not beat yourself up. We all make mistakes and they are how we learn. It may not feel good but embrace the fact that a mistake was made. This will allow you the clarity you need to fix it.

4.)    Remember what was said during the Last Lecture, obstacles are a test. Obstacles are placed there to determine those who really want something  and those who don’t. Don’t let the obstacle overcome you. You are fulfilling the goal and therefore you have the power to overcome any obstacle. Don’t lose sight of this truth.

5.)    Sometimes you just have to get a better grip and ride through it. Some obstacles do not disappear until the end. If this is so for you, do the best you can in the present moment. Remember to visualize the completion of your goal as you get closer and closer to the finish line.

Until Next Time,
Kimmy B.

P.S. if you have any specific questions about goal fulfillment please let me know at prosperityblogger@gmail.com.


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