Goal Fulfillment 101: How to Reach Your Goals Using the SMART System

October 13, 2008 at 5:51 am 1 comment

Goal Fufillment 101 Series: Achieve your goals the SMART way!

I was listening to the project management podcast. I am not a project manager by trade but the show addresses some relevant issues in my life. One of the shows was focused on goals. I thought that this would be perfect as this series is almost coming to a end. The host states that, “… knowing how to define and word your goals right is a powerful way of ensuring that your project ends up where you want your project to be.” Here’s what he has to say about goals:
1.  Start with the end in mind. What is your grand vision? What do you want to see happen at the end? How will you get to that end?

2.  Write them down. Cornelius (the project manager podcaster) suggests writing your goals using SMART:
Specific– Goals should state exactly what you want to happen. There should be no gray area. You have to know what you desire in order to make it happen. Cornelius says, “specific is what, why, and how.”

Measurable– You need to be able to measure a goal to determine if you have achieved it upon completion. This will help you gage progress as well and determine if you are where you want to be during the project and whether or not the project will be completed on time. You should be able to look at any area of your project and determine if it’s going to be an issue that may affect the completion of your project.

Attainable– Ask yourself whether or not your goal is feasible. This is important because you don’t want to set yourself up for heartbreak if your goal is not feasible.

Realistic– Ask yourself if you are able to do this project. Cornelius states, “that a realistic goal may push the limits of what has been done before…but you know if you put enough effort into this, then it will work.” It’s similar to attainable but attainable is perhaps a little less innovative and little less on the risky or new side of the goal fulfillment spectrum.

Timed– Set a date when the project must be completed.

3.    He also states, “just having the goal and going through the process is sometimes just worth a lot, even if these goals are not really all that smart.”
4.    Add a silly goal- Cornelius uses the example of serving ice cream to all project participants at the end, even if the project isn’t a success. Celebrate your success or celebrate lessons learned. Make sure to reflect upon what you have learned either way.

One thing that I would add to this list is belief. Belief beyond belief is necessary for goal fulfillment. This blog is a prime example. Who knew that I would be blogging? I didn’t even know. Who knew that I would be starting a service project called LiteracyRich? I didn’t even know. One thing that I do know is that it’s possible. It’s possible because I’m doing it. It was possible before I even started. I will leave you with these thoughts for the week. Next week’s entry concludes this series and I will be sharing some goal fulfillment tools. See ya next week!

Until Next Time,
Kimmy B.

P.S. You can find the Project Management Podcast at http://www.thepmpodcast.com.


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Goal Fulfillment 101: How to Manage Projects (Getting things Done) Was there Something You Wanted to Ask Me?

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  • 1. PM Hut  |  October 13, 2008 at 3:33 pm

    PM Hut has a series on the SMART Requirements. The series explains every single term in details. The series is mainly aimed at Project Managers.


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