Cool Goal Fufillment Tools

October 20, 2008 at 5:54 am Leave a comment

Cool Tools to Help You Reach Your Goals

Goal Fufillment 101 Series: Cool Tools to Help You Reach Your Goals

At last we are at the end of this series. I hope it’s been helpful! I wanted to leave you with some tools that I use to fulfill my goals:

1. Gcal a.k.a. google calendar. I love this thing. It’s free. It’s easy to use. Any goal you set can be organized with some type of calendar. I also use a dry erase board.

2.  Outlines. For this all you really need is a pen, pad, or a computer. Bullet point the who, where, what, and why of your goal. This will help you stay focused and on track.

Truly, the only other thing you need is action. I don’t do much more than doing when it comes to reaching goals. A reader suggested another great tool that many of you might find helpful. I visited the website and felt like the tool was not neccessary for me but it may be helpful for others who are managing projects and reaching goals. The tool is called Pelotonics and I’m quoting this from the website Pelotonics, “is an online software application that helps you organize and manage your projects in a team environment.” This application looks great and it seems like any user would become super organized. The website does emphasize group projects but it could easily apply to projects with one person involved. If I’m taking the time to write about it then it must be good so check it out! They offer a 30 day free trial.  Visit today. You can also watch a quick video to learn more about Pelotonics by clicking here.

Once again, I hope this series has been helpful!

Until Next Time,

Kimmy B.

P.S. If you use Pelotonics please let me know how you like it!


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