Great Minds Think Alike!

December 10, 2008 at 6:56 am Leave a comment

Helpful Blog Posts

Helpful Blog Posts.

Blog: Inspired Abundance

Post: The Secret to Maintaining a Winning Mindset

Comments: When becoming prosperous, mindset is very important. A prosperous mindset is positive and unstoppable. When one’s mindset is prosperous, there’s no time for anything that doesn’t have to do with your greater good. This blogger says, “Mindset is everything because it’s your mindset that frames all of your experiences and determines how you feel about them.” Read the blog here.

Blog: FruGal

Post: Five Frugal minutes with…Single Broke Female

Comments: This is a great interview that FruGal did with a fellow blogger, Single Broke Female. One thing that stood out for me was Single Broke Female’s light bulb moment. She knew that she wanted to more and needed to changer her life to get more. Many of us can relate to this sentiment. Read the blog here.

Blog: Think Your Way to Wealth

Post: 35 Ways To Kick Start Your Debt Snowball

Comments: This post is really thorough. He has a lot of great suggestions that ya’ll might want to look at. I’ve decreased my minutes on my cell phone and cut my bill by half. I now use my home or work phone as much as possible. He gives great practical tips like this on this post. Read the blog here.

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Words on Gratitude: Defining Gratitude The YWCA Young Women & Money Conference

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