Words on Gratitude: I’m Grateful For You!

January 5, 2009 at 6:00 am Leave a comment

Final Post

Words On Gratitude: Final Post

I’ve been writing about this topic for a while now and we’ve come to the end. I hope you have enjoyed this conversation and I’ll be starting a new series next week. I wanted to leave you with a video and some final words. The past few weeks have been very busy for everyone. I not only had the holidays, I also had this blog and some other blogging projects I am working on (yikes!). It’s been three weeks since I began creating the new home for this blog and I’d say that enough is enough! I am so ready to launch I don’t know what to do with myself. That being said, I’m still not ready but almost there. I am willing myself to work extra hard this week to launch the new site and all of my other blogs as well. You can catch a sneak peek of this blog’s new home at www.prosperityblogger.org.

The video below touches on giving. I decided to post it because it reminds me of what I’m doing with this blog and the other blogs I’m launching. Information is precious. People truly show their gratitude when they receive information that’s helpful to them. This video will also give you insight into what the next series will be for this blog. Can you guess what it will be? Be sure to post your guesses in the comment box below!

Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts. I am going to go insane if this blog doesn’t get launched by next week. It has to launch; I’m done with waiting and will be doing all that I can to see that the blog gets launched this coming week! I’m grateful for you because you energize me and keep me going with this project. I’ve learned so much and am truly grateful to experience this with all of my readers.

Until Next Time,

Kimmy B.


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