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Inspired Poetry: Plenty

Inspired Poetry

Inspired Poetry

As I reflect on Gratitude during the “Words on Gratitude Series” I also reflect on what I am grateful for in this poem. I hope it inspires you!


I look around this room.
My home, my space and I
realize something.
What I have inside of me is
more abundant than what I
have outside of me.
I have plenty hope.
That hope has seen me
through so much
That’s not something that can
be measured by external standards
or man made contraptions.
I have plenty.
I have plenty belief in what
I am doing and what I am
I don’t work, I serve.
I serve my community.
I serve God.
I do what I am meant to do by serving.
I have plenty.
I have plenty faith.
No moment of rest and “what
am I doing?”
has ever stopped me from continuing.
I have plenty.
I have plenty of what
ever I need inside of me.
You have plenty.
What ever you need is inside of
You are plenty.

You are more than enough.

Until Next Time,
Kimmy B.

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Inspired Poetry: The Current of Possibility

The Current of Possibility

The Current of Possibility

Inspired Poetry is a monthly poetry series. This is the very first poem in the series.
This is the Prosperity Blog. I focus on all prosperity related topics including financial prosperity. Getting out of debt is serious business. Just because it’s possible does not mean it’s easy. Just because it’s difficult does not mean you can’t make it easier (read this one more time). In this country (the U.S.) we have the ability to redefine what is possible. You’re an American, act like it. If debt is your reality, make financial freedom your possibility. Read the poem below as well as the questions/exercises that follow it. Remember, everything is connected. This poem isn’t only about financial prosperity so fill in the blank. If your goal is weight loss and having good health (a form of prosperity) then use this poem to motivate you for that goal or any other goal that you have.

“The Current of Possibility”

I am riding on the current of possibility.
The waves wash over me.
They do not knock me down.
I get up because I know that possibility
Is what ever I chose to let it be.


What is currently impossible for you? How can those things/that thing become possible? What action can you take to make it possible.

What experience from your past has affected your sphere of possibility? What can you do to heal that?

What fears are getting in your way? Why are these fears irrational (some fear is present because of instinct and some is just plain irrational)?

How long will it take you to reach your intended goal?

One final thought- the mountain is only as large as you perceive it to be. Once I got over my initial fear, the amount of debt I accumulated shrank in my mind and in my reality. I’m not saying that everything is flowers and sunshine but I am happy and am making progress. This does not have to be a miserable experience for you; you can turn this into a positive life lesson because ultimately that’s what it is.

Until Next Time,
Kimmy B.

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