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Prosperity Announcement

Tweet Tweet!

Tweet Tweet!

Tweet Tweet! I would like to introduce you to the Tweet of The Week! I’ll be utilizing Twitter to send out a weekly motivational quote or message. I’ll feature bonus commentary and advice relating to the tweet on the blog. Check out the first Tweet of The Week above this post and be sure to follow me on Twitter.Tweets will be updated every Wednesday.

With One More Announcement to Come (for now),

Kimmy B.


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The State of Your Finances Address

The State of Your Finances Address

The State of Your Finances Address

Video Transcript

Hello, I’m Kimmy B., founder of the LiteracyRich Projcet, with a special message for women who wish to become financially empowered but don’t know where to start. Many women do not feel knowledgeable when it comes to money management and building a strong financial future. The truth is, there is a lot of great information available and women don’t have to be in the dark when it comes to money. You can change your life. You can change the state of your finances!
In 2002, women made up 43% of the wealthy North American segment. Almost half of the wealthy population in North America is female.
In 2006, it was reported that 12% of women over 18 in the U.S. were the heads of their households. That’s approximately 36 million women who may soley be in charge of their financial lives.
Women are a financial force to be reckoned with but the sad truth is that most of us don’t even know it.
Are you tired of saying things like:
“I want to retire but I can’t.”
“I want to help my daughter pay her tuition but I can’t.”
“I want to start a business but I can’t.” and
“I want to own my own home but I can’t.”
The truth about these “I can’ts” is that they are actually “I cans”. I just told you that nearly half the affluent population in North America is female. With some planning and knowledge you can join that population. I don’t want to hear any excuses like, “it’s too late for me,” or “I’m too old to start changing.” The truth is you’re never too late. In 2002 women owned more than 4.5 million businesses in the U.S. . According to, single women purchased approximately 1 in 5 homes in 2003, while more than 1 in 10 were purchased by men.
It’s never too late. Start today. Before I conclude, I want to thank you for even exploring the possibility that you can change your life. You can have control over your finances. There are resources available to you. Share this video with your sisters, aunts, daughters, grandmother’s and every other woman in your life. It’s time to get motivated about financial literacy and take action. For  a transcript of this video and more resources, please visit and click on the LiteracyRich link today. Walk with me on the path of abundance and financial freedom. Watch the “Read & Prosper Show.” The first book featured on the show will be “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. You can watch the show at

I’m Kimmy B., founder of the LiteracyRich Project saying Don’t Live in complacency. Live in BOLD!


Health Resources and Services Administration

U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Department of Labor

The Cooperator: The Co-op & Condo Monthly

The first official episode of the Read & Prosper Show will be uploaded on Monday, December 15th. The featured book is Think & Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill, order your copy here today!

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Preach! Spritual Lessons Learned.

You Better Preach!

You Better Preach!

These quotes were said by Reverend Eloise Oliver of the East Bay Church of Religious Science (Oakland, CA):

“Money is simply another expression of God”

Many of us are taught not to like money or to think ill of having to much of it. How can you expect to gain financial prosperity if you think negatively of money?

“…Consciousness, that’s the only limitation we have ever had.”

There is no reality in lack or limitation. Allow yourself to explore, excel and grow. Don’t limit yourself.

“…I came from source and I am source and I’m returning back to source.”

Want to know what a consistent factor of your life is? You! You are the source of everything that happens in your life both positive and negative.

“…This unlimited source, it means that I can make anything I want to make, that I can take this broken childhood…I can take that and make something wonderful out of that…that’s the power that you and I have if we don’t keep repeating the same story…”

Got a sad story? Guess what, you’re not the only one. The good news is that every story is what you define it as. Turn that sad story into a story of triumph. Triumph over the negative and become a champion of positivity.

“What we think about and what we talk about is ultimately manifested in our lives…”

If you want prosperity, you have to think prosperity. Change your thoughts. Change your life.

“It is our awareness of who we are, that when we go to ask for something we are expecting it to be so…”

If abundance is what you desire, expect it. Know that it’s already there and available for you to have.

“This awareness, understanding, and knowledge of spirit appears as every visible form. See, money is that visible form, good health is a visible form…the source that I am appears as every visible form and experience that I could possible desire.”

You are your source. Money is just a reflection of what’s happening for you on the inside.

“If there ever was a time when you asked for something and it happened, we can repeat that experience over and over and over again.”

When was the last time you wanted something and received it? Remember what that feels like.

“…That was a time when I was absolutely helpless. That’s the best time to work, when you’re helpless is when God can do it’s work, when all the things that you have tried have failed, when you get to a point of I don’t know what to do and I don’t know where to turn, that is the moment when God can do it’s perfect work through you.”

Stop trying so hard. You will never know all the answers, accept that that and the answers you do need will be revealed to you.

“…The way has always been there, the only thing that happened is we woke up and found the way…”

Every answer you need already exists.

“There is always a way and so it stops us from praying to a power somewhere over there because you are it…and the only thing you do is sit down and be still…the way is in the stillness and quietness…”

Every answer you already need already exists inside of you!

“You can’t have a problem without the solution already being there…the story of Genesis was written to show you that everything you need was already there before you were…water was created before everything else because everything needs water, and then the crawling things, they was created because the four legged thins needed something to eat and hamburgers were created before us!”

This is a funny way of saying have faith. The “crawling things” have more faith than some of us “walking things”. There is no problem that does not have a solution.

“My folks sang ‘Go down Moses, way down in Egypt land and tell old pharaoh to let my people go.’ But the Egypt land is in my consciousness and I’m the one that’s got to go down there and free the people in my mind and let us all go.”

Free your mind. Free your life.

“That very mind that can make you wealthy, when it comes up you say ‘oh no that don’t make any sense…’”

Don’t think. Just listen.

“It’s that simple to have money. Be open and receptive and recognize your power.”

Recognize your gift. Honor it by using it.

“…There’s something in us that wants to help…everybody wants to help you. Be what you’re trying to be. There will be some naysayers but that’s okay. Even the naysayers want to help you, it’s just something in some people that make them say thing that’s not so… it’s something about you that reminds them of their own pain. They’re projecting it out on you… it has nothing to do with you.”

It’s not you. It’s them. Don’t take anything personal.

“In order for change to happen, we all must participate in change, and it starts with you and with me.”

If you’re going to change your life, you’ve got to change first.

“If you are mad at anybody in your heart, you are a part of the problem.”

It doesn’t matter whose side of the story it is, all anger leads to chaos. Don’t we have enough of that in the world already?

“We are miracles… all the sperm that gets to the ovum is not selected…the egg chooses…in order for the generations to live, I have to pick a strong person…everyone ain’t able…”

Everyone who wanted to be here is not here. You were selected to be here. Act like it.

“You are perfection personified…”

You are perfection brought to life. The world may see your perfection through the action you take. What action are you taking?

“A divine experience is what you are.”

You were born, you grew from a small child into an adult. What’s more divine than life?

“Don’t you give up…every time you have done something and it didn’t work, it gave you some new experience so nothing that has ever happened to you has not been a blessing to you…everything that ever happened to you brought you some good experience…all the good things that’s going on now, came from someone trying and failing.”

Don’t give up.

“If you could only love more, every limitation in your life would vanish…”

Love is healing. Healing is growth.
“Nothing can keep the door closed except you and your expectations.”

What are your expectations?

“I release it now and let it go and I leave it alone because it’s done. And so it is.”

When you let it go, it is let go.

I’m curious to know which one of these statements resonated with you and why? Comment or e-mail me and let me know!

Until Next Time,
Kimmy B.

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Top 10 Blogging Lessons Learned (So far) Part II

3-2-1 Blast Off (Part II)!

3-2-1 Blast Off (Part II)!

If you read part I of this blog post, you’ll know that I’ve learned a lot (click here to read part I). It’s literally only been a week or two since part I but what I’ve learned since then is amazing and I want to share it with you. There are two more really big lessons I want to share about blog promotion and marketing.

In part I, I mentioned how I was lacking in the marketing department. I’m more of an introverted person (in person, not online) and the word “marketing” is absolutely dreadful to me. To me, “marketing” is something that extroverted people excel at. Well, extroverted is not me so I’ve taken a different approach to promotion. I am building community. I am building community. What this means is that I’m sharing my blog with people who I care about and I know care about me. You can start by building community within your already existing community and simply expand it. If you already have a faceboook account, tell everyone on facebook about your blog. If you already have a MySpace account use the blogging feature to highlight your blog. All I’m saying is start, just start and you’ll be amazed at the response.

Lesson number 12 is the power of multimedia in relation to blogging. I love text blogs, this blog has been primarily a text blog since the beginning but that’s changing because of the Read & Prosper Show (click here for more information) and other multimedia components I’m adding to this blog. Coincidentally two well established members of the blogging community affirm my beliefs that adding mutltimedia content to your blog will bring it to life and help with promoting your blog. I mentioned them before in part I, their names are Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick. I highly suggest their latest blueprint for blogging success. They discuss how awesome using multimedia is and how you can easily promote your blog with online video and social networking sites. You can click on the chicklet under suggested tools on the sidebar for more information and great advice.

I just wanted to share these two new nuggets of information with you. I’ll be in touch if any more epiphanies come to me!

Showing love for all my fellow bloggers!

Kimmy B.

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You Can Do It!

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What's on the other side of your rainbow?

What's on the other side of your rainbow?

Motivate, motivate, motivate! That is my mission. What ever “this” is for you, you can do it. Dan Miller inspired me to write this post. He’s a renowned career coach who has a top career advice podcast. One of his listeners was upset because he was a little too optimistic for her. I like optimism. Here’s the podcast listener’s comment and his response:

What the commenter said:

“I really have to say something to you Dan. I’ve been reading your newsletter for several years. It really irks me that you continue to write your newsletter with little attention to what’s going on in the world today. You always say that many people miss things that are right in front of them; right now you’re missing the boat in the worst possible way. There’s nothing wrong with telling people to reach for their dreams, however, many people will never reach dreams they had as children because of various reasons such as lack of money, talent, training, or time. Sometimes dreams are just plain lost over time. Right now many people are losing their dreams, dreams of home ownership, dreams of moving up the ladder because they’ve lost their jobs, or dreams of retirement without worry. These people have to face the reality that their future may be different than what they had dreamed of. Hope is never lost but I feel that you need to temper your newsletters with a touch of reality. These are trying times and a lot of people are really hurting right now. Maybe you’ve forgotten what it’s like to make choices such as whether you want to eat or pay the electric bill. Having a background in ministry, I would think that you would consider that your audience could be in worst shape than you seem to know. I’m challenging you to reach down into your past and remember what it’s like to struggle every day then try to minister to those people and still give them hope to achieve their dreams.”

Dan’s Response:

“Do times like this require that we just forgo dreams that we have? Just chalk it up to circumstances…have made our dreams go up in smoke…not going to happen? What is true of people who do achieve their dreams? Did they just hit the right path in life? Born into the right family? Chose the right major? Got lucky in business and all of a sudden they’re successful? Well I don’t see that happening. I see people who are confronted with the very things that this writer (the commenter) talks about. They don’t have enough money, they don’t have enough talent, they don’t have enough time, they don’t have enough training and yet…despite all of those, they seem to rise over the occasion, prevail over those things, and end up extremely successful… I have to maintain my conviction that no matter what the circumstances are, we can move through those. Now is it easy? No. I don’t ever want to paint a picture that is just a walk in the park. I have experienced what Linda (the commenter) is talking about here… Now if I had been convinced that my dreams were never going to happen, trust me I would not be sitting where I am sitting today. I would have resigned myself to the fact that circumstances took over, those dreams were not meant to happen, and I need to have a dose of reality and just accept what was there. But I didn’t do that. I was more determined than ever, even though I’d dug a very large hole for myself I was determined to get back to where I had been and beyond…”

My response:

I am a Black woman, born and raised in an urban area. I was molested as a child. For almost a decade I suffered from low self-esteem and depression. I currently owe $100,000 in student loans and credit cards. This is my story and my truth. Let me tell you how I tell it.

I am a Black woman. Born and raised in an urban area. In spite of life challenges including molestation, depression, and low self-esteem, I am still here. I am still doing. I am still going. I am on the path to financial freedom.

Do you see the difference between those two narratives? Same thing said a different way. I choose to thrive and not survive. I chose to live boldly and not in complacency. I chose. I don’t let my circumstances dictate what happens to me. No one else should either.

I don’t know what “it” is for you, but I’m telling you from personal experience that you can do it. If you need support, send me an e-mail. Plenty of people do, I will respond.

Until Next Time,
Kimmy B.

P.S. You can find Dan Miller’s podcast at I also feature his book in the bookstore.

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Top 10 Blogging Lessons Learned (So Far)

3-2-1 Blast Off!

3-2-1 Blast Off!

I’m new to the blogging world. My blog was officially launched in June. That being said, I’ve learned a lot these past few months and I’m sure I’ll carry these lessons with me as continue blogging. I don’t usually write about blogging on this blog but I wanted to give a shot out to all of the new and vetran bloggers. I honestly knew absolutely nothing about blogging until this year. I’d never even visited a blog! I got the opportunity to do a grant project (you’ll be hearing about that soon) and this blog was born as a part of that. I’ve learned so much but if I had to boil it down to just 10 lessons, here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1.    There’s a lot of information for bloggers. Only pay attention to what’s relevant. My situation is a little different because I was going to initially start with a podcast and then do a blog but I ended up doing the blog first. Anyway, I got bogged down with so much information that was not even relevant to blogging. I’d say get real clear on what you’re blogging about before you begin blogging to avoid a lot of time wasting. Second, there are quite a few things you may need to know before hand, especially if you’re brand spankin’ new to blogging like I was. Yaro Starak has a free video series on starting a blog at and of course is dedicated to bloggers and the blogging world. If I were you and new to blogging, I wouldn’t even waste my time looking at any other sources. Just go to these two sites and do what they say do. Don’t waste months like I did gathering information, it prevents you from actually focusing on blogging and creating content.

2.   Keep it simple. Keep it really simple. This has been a huge journey for me. I had all these elaborate plans and actually I’m doing a lot of what I set out to do, I’m just doing it more effectively. One way to remain effective is by keeping things simple. Don’t commit to blogging every day when you first get started. Don’t commit to posting 50 links a week on other sites when you first get started. Focus on starting the blog and creating really good, useful content. No one wants to read junk. No one will stick around to read junk. I blog once a week and quite frankly that’s all I can handle right now. There are things besides blog posts that must be taken into consideration when you are starting blog. This leads me to my next point.

3.    Let people know you exist. Market. Honestly, this is an area that I need to improve in (I’m working on it) and it takes some effort to do. What’s the point of writing if no one knows you exist? Start by telling your loved ones. It was weird for me at first but I go over it. Don’t be shy!

4.    You’re going to have to stick with this even when there isn’t any response at first. People blog for different reasons. I actually want people to read my blog so it’s a little bit more important for me to get traffic than someone who’s just doing this for a hobby. That being said, determine what type of blogger you are at the beginning. If getting traffic is important to you, this might not happen at the very beginning so don’t get discouraged.

5.    Determine what your intention is. Your intention will serve as a compass and determine the type of content you create. My intention is to help people through my blog; therefore, I create helpful content.

6.    Keep a notepad handy. I carry a Moleskine notebook in my bag. You never know when inspiration is going to hit. I was really inspired at the beginning of my blogging journey and created a list with a ton of relevant topics but honestly I haven’t relied on it too much. Most of my ideas come to me during the week.

7.    Plan, plan, plan. Once again, this really relies on the type of blogger you are. A relevant plan would be a content creation plan. You might ask yourself what type of content you want to create (is this a text based, video, audio, or photo blog)? I am currently creating a marketing plan. Questions I am asking myself are how am I going to market this blog and how often am I going to market this blog?

8.    Love yourself. Like I said, you may not get much response at the beginning. It may feel as though you’re blogging to an empty void. Eventually you will see results. Don’t be hard on yourself. Blogging is a process.

9.    Get help when you need it. My brother’s a journalist. I’m currently developing a video series for this blog. I know nothing about video. He helped me and now I’m able to move forward with another component of this blog. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask (I’m available via e-mail at There’s a great free video tutorial series at

10.    Believe that anything’s possible. I haven’t started marketing this blog on a regular basis and yet people read it every week. A few month’s ago I knew nothing about blogging. Like I said, I only started reading blogs at the beginning of the year. Had you told me I would be a blogger by the end of the year, I probably would have laughed in your face. Anything is possible.

Final Thoughts: One last thing I’d tell you is to say thank you. THANK YOU!!! To all my readers. I’ve put a lot into this and I’m gearing up to put even more into this project. It is so gratifying to know that someone is reading what I write. I hope it helps. I hope this post helps!

Until Next Time,
Kimmy B.

P.S. Check back because I have more great things in store over the next month for this blog.

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Inspired Poetry: The Current of Possibility

The Current of Possibility

The Current of Possibility

Inspired Poetry is a monthly poetry series. This is the very first poem in the series.
This is the Prosperity Blog. I focus on all prosperity related topics including financial prosperity. Getting out of debt is serious business. Just because it’s possible does not mean it’s easy. Just because it’s difficult does not mean you can’t make it easier (read this one more time). In this country (the U.S.) we have the ability to redefine what is possible. You’re an American, act like it. If debt is your reality, make financial freedom your possibility. Read the poem below as well as the questions/exercises that follow it. Remember, everything is connected. This poem isn’t only about financial prosperity so fill in the blank. If your goal is weight loss and having good health (a form of prosperity) then use this poem to motivate you for that goal or any other goal that you have.

“The Current of Possibility”

I am riding on the current of possibility.
The waves wash over me.
They do not knock me down.
I get up because I know that possibility
Is what ever I chose to let it be.


What is currently impossible for you? How can those things/that thing become possible? What action can you take to make it possible.

What experience from your past has affected your sphere of possibility? What can you do to heal that?

What fears are getting in your way? Why are these fears irrational (some fear is present because of instinct and some is just plain irrational)?

How long will it take you to reach your intended goal?

One final thought- the mountain is only as large as you perceive it to be. Once I got over my initial fear, the amount of debt I accumulated shrank in my mind and in my reality. I’m not saying that everything is flowers and sunshine but I am happy and am making progress. This does not have to be a miserable experience for you; you can turn this into a positive life lesson because ultimately that’s what it is.

Until Next Time,
Kimmy B.

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