“I can’t afford to go around saying it’s hard for me because I’m a woman.

-Brig. Gen. Marcelite J. Harris

You know by now that what you focus your mind upon grows. This is key for women. Women do not have it any more difficult than anyone else. It is a matter of what they believe. Women must move into a deeper understanding of their own creative powers. Women create, men direct. Women are the co-creators with the God force; they can manifest life. Women bring to life what is planted through the nurturing power of love. If women want success, prosperity, health or good relations in their lives, they must learn how to make them manifest. Not pushing, forcing, demanding they come. Rather move into your sacred place and space; use your mind’s eye, nurture and love yourself and everyone else and let the power of love flow through you.

Today I will love myself healthy and wealthy.

-Iyanla Vanzant, Acts of Faith: Daily Meditations for People of Color

What is LiteracyRich?
LiteracyRich is a very special project. It was created by Kimmy B. in 2007. It focuses on aiding women in becoming financially literate. It received initial funding through an Institute for Civic Leadership Grant which is given to a select group of women students from Mills College and UC Berkeley.

What is the LiteracyRich mission?
• To aide women by providing them with education about financial matters.
• To assist women with obtaining the education and training they need to become financially independent.
• To make sure that money is not a barrier for any woman who is willing to take action and make her dreams a reality.

How is LiteracyRich achieving this mission?
LiteracyRich is currently developing the first of many projects that will help women  become financially literate and independent. This project is funded by the Institute for Civic Leadership grant. It is entitled the “Read & Prosper Show.” It is an ongoing video series that will address the following topics specifically for women:
• How to get out of debt
• Breaking myths about women and money
• How to develop professionally
• Women who are taking action and living the lives of their dreams
• And so much more!
More information will be provided once the first video is produced! Questions? Contact me at or use the form below.


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